All season long walleye fishing is great!  Offering up plentiful eaters as well as good sized trophy fish. There are a number of fishing techniques that can be used to catch walleye including using live bail vs artificial.  These techniques are also  dependent factors such as time of year, water temperature, water level.

Northern Pike


Northern Pike (aka: snot rockets) get a bad rap because of their bony skeletal system. 

Our dockhands however, who offer free fish filleting services (including that of removing the spiney Y-bones) make the Northern not only a fun fish to catch but a great eating fish as well.



Eagle Lake is consistently mentioned as one of the top musky fishing destination not only in Ontario but worldwide! Musky season opens the third Saturday in June. Early in the season fast fishing can be found near spawning flats. Mid-summer they are likely to be in weed beds. Later in the summer cooler nights trigger musky movement from weeds, to steep banks and rock wall reefs. Whatever time of the season you are sating with us at Pine Beach Lodge, bring a jerk bait, a buck tail spinner, and some top-water lures and try your hand at musky hunting.  

Lake Trout


Although trout are a deep, cold water fish they are often active in the spring soon after ice out.

The warmer temperatures of summer force the Trout into the depths of Portage Bay. Not to escape the persistence of the trout fisherman however, who utilize the down rigger and deep jigging techniques. 

Small Mouth Bass


Pound for pound, bass are the best fighting fish in Northwest Ontario. Eagle Lake is loaded with these fighters waiting to grab your bait and provide you with plenty of fishing action. Small mouth bass are exciting to catch and energetic fish to catch and can often be done so right from the dock!